Corporate Profile


POLIOLES S.A. de C.V. is leader  in the petrochemical Industry.


• We have the following business units: Chemical Specialties, Polyurethanes, Raw Materials and Systems, Industrial Chemicals and Expandable Polystyrene.

• We manufacture more than 200 products. We serve the domestic market and we export to more than 25 countries and employ 500 people.

• POLIOLES’ technology is strongly based in research and development areas, thanks to support from  BASF and ALFA (Alpek).

• The facilities and the human resources of POLIOLES are proof of our constant effort to increase productivity, quality and service that the industry demands.





• POLIOLES began operations on February 14, 1965.

• At the end of 1969 the company, Wyandotte Chemicals, which held 40 % of the shares of the Company, was acquired by BASF.

• In 1974 Grupo Industrial ALFA acquires 60%.

• In 1994 BASF acquires 10% of the shares, and is represented as follows:









• Identify, meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers through service of excellence and innovative solutions.

• Fully develop our staff, with a high degree of effective communication and social responsibility.

• Optimize product portfolio in profitable and strategic markets.

• Promote best practices for operation, administration and sales with emphasis on cost as well as the optimal use of resources and environmental protection.

• Promoting innovation and generation of new sustainable business opportunities.




To be a company that within an environment of growth and staff development also is:


• Identified by our customers as the best choice in quality and service.

• More competitive in strategic markets in which it participates.

• Generates a return that meets the expectations of shareholders.

• A leader in the market and achieve sustainable development, being recognized for our commitment to social.




Respect and staff development

• Promote and maintain a safe and respectful environment, looking to develop our staff focussing on excellence through committed leadership.



• Attain and promote products and services that consistently meet expectations of internal and external customers.



• Achieve and maintain optimum use of human and material resources at the lowest cost, in order to reach our goals in profitability and productivity.


Integral responsibility

• Promote the commitment of all partners in the health, safety and environmental protection, and achieve getting environmental friendly products.


Customer Orientation

• Meet and exceed customer expectations in service, opportunity, new developments and quality, seeking always to be their best option, which requires commitment, cooperation and teamwork at the lowest cost.



• Establish and promote formal channels of communication to enable effective information flow generating an atmosphere of understanding, trust and commitment.



Diagram of Values

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