We are a leading company in the Petrochemical Industry


POLIOLES comprises the following business units: Specialty Chemicals and Industrial Chemicals.

The technology used by POLIOLES has solid foundations in research and development departments, thanks to the support  from the companies BASF and ALFA (Alpek).

It manufactures more than 150 products. It serves the domestic market as well as exporting to more than 25 countries, and employs more than 360 people.

The facilities and the human capital of POLIOLES are clear evidence of its constant effort to increase the  productivity, quality and service demanded by the Industry.



with a solid history behind us,












POLIOLES began operations on February 14, 1965.

At the end of 1969 the company Wyandotte Chemicals, which owned 40% of the shares in the company, was acquired by BASF.

In 1974, the ALFA

Industrial Group acquired the other 60%.

In 1994, BASF acquired 10% of the shares, meaning the company is now integrated as follows:


In 2015, BASF acquired the polyurethanes business from Polioles and ALFA acquired the EPS business, now consolidated in Styropek.


and a Mission and Vision that support our Values


Our Mission


  • Identify, meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers by providing excellent service and innovative solutions.
  • Comprehensive development of our personnel, with a high degree of effective communication and social responsibility.
  • Optimize the product portfolio in profitable and strategic markets.
  • Promote best practices in operation, administration and sales with an emphasis on cost, as well as the optimal use of resources and care for the environment.
  • Promote innovation and the generation of new sustainable business opportunities.



Our Vision


To be a company that within a context of growth and development for its personnel:


  • To be identified by our clients as the best choice in quality and service.
  • To be the most competitive company in the strategic markets it operates in.
  • To generate profits that meet the expectations of shareholders.
  • To be a market leader and achieve sustainable development, being recognized for our social responsibility and commitment to the environment.




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