1 Ethylene Glycols


Ethylene Glycols are products derived from ethylene oxide. They are obtained through the combination of ethylene oxide and water.


The principal products are Mono ethylene glycol Di ethylene glycol and Tri ethylene glycol.


Principal Applications

They are used in industry, principally as raw materials in the manufacture of polyester fibers, PET. Resins,  automotive liquids and other chemical products. They are used in the manufacture of PET resin, polyester fiber, polyester resins, brake fluid antifreeze and as cellophane plasticizer.





2 Propylene Glycols


Propylene glycols are products derived from propylene oxide. They are obtained through the combination of propylene oxide and water.


The principal products are Mono propylene glycol and Di propylene glycol.


Principal Applications

They are used in the manufacture of diverse products in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the personal care industry.  They are also used for the hydration of polyester resins, treatment of tobacco, antifreeze and automotive liquids. They are intermediaries in chemical solvent and coalescent processes in the fabrication of vinyl paints, among other applications.





3 Glycol Ethers


PLURASOLV ® is Polioles´ patented brand for Methyl and Butyl Ether glycols of mono, di and tri ethylene glycol.


The presence of alcohol and ether in one molecule gives these products very special characteristics that make them very difficult to be substituted for in applications such as solvents for colorants used in the textile and leather industries and in the fabrication of paints.


Principal Applications

These products derived from methyl and butyl alcohols have a great number of industrial uses due to their extraordinary solvency properties and compatibility with other organic compounds.


PLURASOLV´s ® can also be used as solvents for coatings, pesticides, herbicides, diluents for fluids, unifying agents for soluble oils and in a great variety of surface cleansers.





4 Brake Fluid


Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid which thanks to the Pascal Principle permits the transmission of power between the brake pedal and the brake mechanisms.  Specifications are through the DOT (Department of Transportation) Index, as it increases, so does the boiling point.


Brake fluid manufactured by Polioles, S.A. de C.V  is compatible with equivalent products that comply with the norms NOM-113-SCFI-1995 LF4, FMVSS-116 DOT 3 y DOT 4 y SAE J1703 y J1704.


Principal Applications

Used as fluids in disc brake and drum systems of automotive vehicles.





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